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14 Monthly Donors

NoDonor NameLocationDonationFrequency
1Gunranjan HMumbai2000 Monthly
2Palash DPune1000 Monthly
3Soniya CHyderabad5000 Monthly
4Sriram KHyderabad750 Monthly
5 Varun J Hyderabad 1000` Monthly
6 Tejesh K Hyderabad 1000 Monthly
7Srikant GHyderabad2000Monthly
8Ramesh MVisakhapatnam700Monthly
9Smrity GDeoghar Jharkhand500Monthly
10Bindu BHyderabad500Monthly
11Ayesha POrissa1000Monthly
12Praveen USA$50Monthly
13Kanthi KVisakhapatnam2000Monthly
14Anil AHyderabad500Monthly
15Kitty GPune300Monthly
17Soujanya IVisakhapatnam500Monthly
18Ranjani GVisakhapatnam2000Monthly
19Rajeswari GVisakhapatnam500Monthly
20Sharada NHyderabad500Monthly
21Kishan GaddeHyderabad500Monthly
22Angelica KGermany3500Monthly
23Sudha Hyderabad500Monthly
Campaign Started : 1st Nov’20 / Last updated :19th Jan’21

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