It is a common question from every donor “how my donation will be utilised?”. To clarify your query I tried my best to present the details below. If any questions further please feel free to contact me and happy to answer them.

Animal Welfare

Feeding and serving animals is part of my life now. The animals’ unconditional love is the inspiration for feeding the animals by providing drinking water and hygienic food. I take care of a total of 12 desi dogs daily concerning their food, shelter, and medication. I’ve committed to feeding the stray animals as long as I live with your kind support. However, many of you desire to feed the animals, unable to do so due to your professional commitments. You can be a part of this noble work by supporting me through your donations.

Watch the animals

40% funds used it for below listed items

– Medication –
– Feeding –
– Fostering –
– Transportation –

Social Projects

I hope to change a society that addresses every component in nature, i.e., the individuals, community, and animals, through my social projects. I’ve had a few promising ideas in the design phase for social project initiation. I need funding to take them from ideation to the execution phase, including establishing the required infrastructure, technology, and filing patents. I request capital support from all the concerned individuals and groups in the form of seed grants.

Watch the projects

35% funds used it for below listed items

– Website Server Maintenance –
– Software Tools –
– Resource Engagement-
– Material Procurement –
– Patent Filing-
– Transportation –
– Internet –


 I can focus on my work, drive constructive ideas, and create projects that contribute to society if I can secure a livelihood to support my basic needs like shelter, food, and medication. I know risks are part of the social enterprise journey and hope the future is bright for the works which I am working on.

15% funds used it for below listed items

– Shelter –
– Food –
– Medication –