blacky adopted lakshman molleti

Blacky is a community dog, she is very friendly and loved by many people around including children but always few people targeted him to relocate as they are not interested to see any dogs in the community. They broke the law and trust of this kid. In my absence, they took and relocated this dog 15 Kms away from his actual home.(I.P.C. Section 428 and 429 provides SEVERE PUNISHMENT – up to 5 years imprisonment -TO PEOPLE RESORTING TO DISLOCATION, ABDUCTION, AND ACTS OF CRUELTY towards community animals or pets).

After 6 days of effort, I have found her and found a good and permanent place for her. Now she no needs to afraid of anyone as she guards with a lot of compassion by her caretaker.

Name: Blacky

Age: 3 Years / Gender: Female / Breed: Indian Mixed Breed

Sterilized: Yes/ Vaccinated: Yes

Friendly: Yes

Are you taking care of this dog? : Yes

Location: Hyderabad

Currently, I am taking care of his shelter, medication, food.