jessy adopted lakshman molleti

Snoopy rescued from a community, who lost her contact with her family and used to reside in a small dirty place with a lot of fear. I have rescued her when she is 2 months old. People traumatized her lot and she wat shivering with a lot of fear when I rescued her. She took a weeks time to understand and trust me. Now this kid in a safe place and enjoying her life with other dogs.

Every life need that small love and support to see a good change in these animals. Snoopy still have phobia seeing other people in the community. So given all care to ensure she is comfort all the time. By the way when no body at home she is the queen and leader to other dogs. Naughty, playful and more importantly observer.

Name: Snoopy

Age: 1 Year/ Gender: Female / Breed: Indian Mixed Breed

Sterilized: No/ Vaccinated: Yes

Friendly: She is friendly with the caretaker but scared of others

Are you taking care of this dog? : Yes

Location: Hyderabad

Currently, I am taking care of her shelter, medication, food.