ramu stray dog
Ramu looking at his community friend

Ramu is a community stray dog. He is a sterilized and healthy dog and also very friendly with everyone in the community. Most of the times he likes to stay at my house as most of them in the community are not liking the dogs around. He gets that love and care at my place, that’s how he started staying at my place during all seasons.

He likes to have biscuits more than any other food. I prefer giving sugarless biscuits and also give other food which he likes them. Ramu is up for adoption. More details provided below.

Name: Ramu

Age: 3 Years / Gender: Male / Breed: Indian

Sterilized: Yes / Vaccinated: Yes

Friendly: Yes / Up for adoption: Yes

Are you taking care of this dog? : Yes

Location: Hyderabad

Currently I am taking care of his temporary shelter and food facility and also good family who like to adopt him.