Browny injured dog
Browny poses for a picture, after having food.

When I moved to a new community, I have seen a few dogs like any other location. Colleagues over their particularly raised concern about BROWNY, saying that “he is dangerous and bitten few in the past”. I tried myself with my general education and importance of ABC treatment but people not shown much interest but want to push the dog out of the colony. As the days are going I slowly build the rapport with BROWNY with LOVE. He started trusting me and visits my place regularly for food like no one ready to feed dogs in the community. Later this boy understood me well and started staying at my place.

Love can transform any situation into positivity. Humans should give sometime in spreading love towards these beautiful souls rather than ignoring and showing hatred behavior. Ignorance always leads to HUMAN conflict.

Name: Browny

Age: 3 Years / Gender: Male / Breed: Indian Mixed Breed

Sterilized: Yes/ Vaccinated: Yes (Sponsored by Ujjwala)

Friendly: Bit Scared of Humans / Preferred any farm house for his permanent stay: Yes

Physically Challenged: Yes

Are you taking care of this dog? : Yes

Location: Hyderabad

Currently, I am taking care of his medication, food and finding a permanent place for his stay.